The Monster Jam Poker Tour Rolling Into A Sun International Resort Near You

The Monster Jam Poker Tour is coming to a Sun International resort near you! This is your chance to experience the excitement of professional poker in a luxurious setting. The tournament will be taking place from January 26-28, and there are plenty of opportunities to win big. Not only will there be a main event with a $100,000 prize pool, but there will also be side events with smaller buy-ins. So don’t miss out – mark the date in your calendar and join us at the Sun International Resort for some Monster Jam Poker Tour action!

What is the Monster Jam Poker Tour and what should you expect if you decide to participate?

The Monster Jam Poker Tour is a live poker tournament that takes place at various Sun International resorts around the world. The tour has been running for over six years and has seen some of the biggest names in poker compete for the title of Monster Jam Poker Champion.

If you’re thinking about taking part in the Monster Jam Poker Tour, here’s what you can expect:

  • A buy-in of $200+30
  • A field of up to 500 players
  • Two days of play with a final table on the second day
  • A first prize of $20,000+Monster Jam merchandise package!

So if you’re looking for a live poker tournament to take part in, be sure to check out.

How did the idea for this unique poker tour come about, and what sort of challenges have been faced along the way?

The idea for the Monster Jam Poker Tour was conceived over a decade ago by Sun International CEO, David Green. The goal was to create a poker tournament that would be entertaining and challenging for both amateur and professional players alike. After years of planning and development, the first Monster Jam Poker Tour event was held in Las Vegas in 2010.

Since then, the tour has continued to grow in popularity, with events being held at various Sun International resorts around the world. One of the biggest challenges faced by the tour organizers is finding ways to keep the events fresh and exciting for all involved. With that in mind, they are always looking for new venues and locations that will provide an interesting and unique setting for each event.

Who are some of the big names involved in this tour, and how have they helped make it such a success so far?

The Monster Jam Poker Tour is a joint venture between Feld Entertainment and Sun International. Some of the big names involved in this tour include four-time World Champion Dennis Anderson, eight-time World Champion Tom Meents, and two-time World Champion Adam Anderson. These three drivers have helped make the Monster Jam Poker Tour a success so far by winning a combined total of six events.

The next stop on the Monster Jam Poker Tour will be at the Sun International resort near you. This will be a two-day event that will feature four monster truck racing heats, as well as freestyle competitions. There will also be a poker tournament with a $100,000 prize pool.

What benefits can players expect from participating in a Monster Jam Poker Tour event, aside from the obvious opportunity to win money and prizes?

Players can expect to gain valuable experience by playing against some of the best poker players in the world. They will also have the opportunity to learn from top poker pros who will be giving seminars and workshops during the tour. In addition, players will get to enjoy a wide range of activities and attractions that Sun International resorts have to offer.

So if you’re looking for a chance to test your skills against the best in the business, while also getting to enjoy a luxurious vacation, then be sure to check out the Monster Jam Poker Tour when it comes to a Sun International resort near you! Who knows, you might just come away as one of the big winners!

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